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Border “Ashgabat” airport – Mary – Dashoguz – Konye Urgench  ...


     Meet the tourists at Ashgabat airport, transfer to the hotel. Accommodation. Late breakfast. Full day city tour, including “Old Nisa” remains of Parthian Royal Residence, with Zoroastrian Temple, Square Hall  of Parthian Kings, Treasery and Currently excavated sites by two joint Archeological teams Italian-Turkmen, Turkmen-Russian. On the way back to Ashgabat stop at Kipchak village to see Spiritual Mosque of Turkmenbashy with capacity of 10 000 worshippers. Lunch. After lunch  visit Independence Tower 91 metres height. National Museum of History, Arch of  Neutrality, Russian Bazar. Dinner. After dinner have  short evening tour to the city visiting “Yyldyz” hotel (imitation to Burch al Arab) impressive one and Wedding Palace (City Hall) from there you will have wonderful panorama to the city. Overnight.

Day 2.

     Early transfer to airport, have packed breakfast from hotel restaurant( Packed breakfast should be booked a day before).  Flight to Mary. Upon arrival drive to East to visit Ancient Merv Monuments, including Kyz Kala VII-th century CE, late Sasanian period, Askhabs mausoleum (companians of prophate Muhammed) Al Hakim ibn Amr al Jafari and Bureida ibn al Huseib al Islami  with the beautifully blue tiled patterns with the shape of eight pointed star. Futher to the East cross the bridge on al Razik canal and head to the North in between two fortresses. On the left Sultan Kala built at the time of Malik shakh ibn Alp Arslan, on the right Giyaur Kala IV-th century BCE. On the Northern edge of that there is Erk Kala  the oldest of  Merv fortresses. Hoja Yusuf Hamedani Mosque is one of Merv holiest parts where local pilgrims are worshipping and sacrificing the animals for good Fortune and fertility. Hoja Yusuf Hamedani was sufi-dervish and based in Merv School of Sufism. The Shahriar Ark (or Citadel of Sultan Kala) is another  impressive parts of Merv. Mausoleum of Sultan Sanjar is Most impressive construction with magnificent turquoise-tiled outer dome, which was seen from one day caravan way according to the reports of middle age  historians. The XII-th century Mausoleum of Muhammed ibn Zeid is an interesting site for Sufi pilgrims. Lunch. After lunch visit Mary Regional Museum, if time permits see Russian Orthodoxs Church. Transfer to the airport, flight to Ashgabat, accommodation at the hotel. Dinner. Overnight.


     Early morning  flight to Dashoguz. Have  packed breakfast from hotel restaurant (do not forget to book a day before). Upon arrival to Dashoguz direcltly driving to Konye-Urgench. Upon arrival begin visiting holiest part of KU the sacred Nejameddin al Kubra Mausoleum and the Sultan Ali Mausoleum  opposite to it. Half a mile driving to the South you will rich to the Mausoleum of Turabeg Khanym, the masterpiece of doubledomed constructions, with its effective geometrical patterns like an Astrological Calendar. Opposit to it there is Mausoleum of Said Ahmed and Kutluk Timur Minaret 62 metres height, probably erected at the beginning of XIV-th century. Sultan Tekesh Mausoleum is also impressive with its zig-zag patterns on outerdome. Close to it there is the  mound of graves called Kyrk Molla, where you can see young women rolling down the hill in a fertility rite. Il Arslan Mausoleum  is one of the oldest among KU monuments with its conical dome. After excursion drive back to Dashoguz. Late lunch. City tour. Transfer to Shavat border.