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The state tourism enterprise "Dashoguzsiyakhat"

invites you to make fascinating travel around Turkmenistan. 

Turkmenistan - the country appears as a land of wonderful landscape contrasts and fantastic monuments of nature. Here is the azure Caspian Sea - the world's largest inland water reservoir, and the torrid Garagum Desert - one of the worlds greatest deserts, bordering with the peaks of Kopetdag Mountains. 

With STE "Dashoguzsiyakhat" you can travel to the capital of Ancient Khorezm - Kunyaurgench with unique architectures from XII century included in a List of UNESCO World Heritage. The legendary Ancient Merv one of the largest oases of antique civilization in the East. The monuments of Ancient Merv are more than 2,500 years old. "Singing" sands of Repetek, mystic charm of Koytendag - they are all pages of live book of the Turkmen nature. 

Besides, traditional Turkmen hospitality and fascinating excursions will make your tour efficient and unforgettable. We open to the entire world our tourism opportunities, greeting the guests from all over the world and hospitably meeting them with words "Hosh geldiniz!" - "You are welcome!"




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